Small talk: IRINA


Irina (@beautykillsman) is running the colorful and modern creative agency (a lot of good vibes there!) 99NEEDS together with her partner Evelyn, and an “empowering network of inspiring people”. Their aim is to change the industry, with the motto “I've got 99 problems, but my content ain't one”. 

I had a little chat with her...

Emeli: So you're going to be a mother! Congratulations! I have a son that is almost seven, and bringing him up has been the largest challenge in my life ( the fashion company I've ran the last ten years was nothing compared to that!) and he is also the best person in the world so it's great! What expectations do you have on motherhood? 

Irina: Creating new life is still one of the most intense and powerful feelings I’ve ever experienced. I don’t really have expectations or a ready made plan in my mind. I believe it's gonna be magical and life changing but also challenging.

Emeli: For thew SS20 collection of 5PREVIEW I did a little book “Just-do-it-yourself”, on sustainability, that you got together with the clothes. There I try to find out what sustainability really means, to me. And the conclusion is tat it's all about consumption behavior. We need to stop shopping and to finish the food on the plate! It's a challenge to teach our kids a good way of living in this society and how to take care of the earth. What is sustainability/ a sustainable living to you? 

Irina: I’m thinking a lot of how I can improve my consumption behavior regarding fashion. The last two years it changed a lot. Instead of buying thirty pieces from Zara, I’m saving the money to buy something that lasts for years. Maybe it’s a bigger investment but the clothes or bags will always be cool and one day you can pass them to your kids. How cool is that?!

Emeli: Do you think it's possible to combine “fashion” and “sustainability”? 

Irina: I think it’s definitely possible and I can feel a huge change already. Many brands start to produce more ethical or offer at least a sustainable line. The fashion industry has still a very long way to go but I can feel a growing awareness for sustainable and ethical fashion.

Emeli: What will you wear in the upcoming summer season? 

Irina: For me the summer of 2020 is all about linen fabrics, kimonos, caftans and seventies disco fashion. I want to curate a soulful wardrobe, full of timeless pieces.

Emeli: What / who inspires you in daily life? And in fashion? 

Irina: I can get inspired by many things. An interesting person, an art exhibition or nature. The past offers also a lot of great inspiration. Sometimes I’m going through my moms old photo albums spending hours to check what she was wearing back in the sixties. Bell-bottoms, huge sunglasses, plateau heels... many things we can see today on the runway. 

In the picture above Irina is looking amazing in the 5PREVIEW “Myra” kimono from our current, SS20 collection. It's made of a soft blend of tencel and linen.

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