5preview trousers

THE TROUSERS, that also can become THE SHORTS. You decide the length of the leg. We suggest long and short but of course you can do as you like here. The width of the leg can also be experimented. 

After doing the pattern on paper we did a toile in white cotton, to see if the style fits before using the real fabric. That’s good if you have the patience and use a special fabric. We suggest using a woven fabric: a cotton, tencel or linen. 

What you need to get started:

- Pattern paper + pen + ruler

- Tape measure

- A sewing machine

- An iron

- Ironed fabric

- Pins

- A pair of (fabric) scissors 

- A workspace (a kitchen table is fine)

- Ironed fabric (length of the trousers x 2) & elastic band ca 3-4 cm wide and length = your waist + 2 cm. 

Now you need to measure your body, please have a look at the picture below where we show how to do it.

5preview measure

1. To make the pattern you first need to measure your body. 

Take the following measurements: 

- Hip circumference, hip circumference divided by 12

- Hip circumference divided by 8

- From waist to floor

- From crotch to floor -5 cm

- Heel circumference divided by 2 + 15 cm

2. Place a big pattern paper on your work table. 

3. Start with the FRONT LEG PATTERN:

Draw a rectangle according your measurements (see the big picture). 

(1/3 hip + 1/12 hip) x (from waist to floor).

Leave at least 6 cm extra on top of the rectangle and 3 cm under. 

- Measure the leg opening (2-3): heel circumference divided by 2 + 15 cm

- Measure the inner legth (3-4): from crotch to floor -5 cm and find point 4 from the rectangle and draw a line

- Measure from 1 to 5: 1/3 hip

- Draw a straight line down from 5 and a straight line to left from four

- Draw a curve from 5 to 4 like pictured with a help of the lines just drawn

4. Continue with the BACK LEG PATTERN: 

Draw a rectangle according to your measurements: (1/3 hip + 1/8 hip) x (from waist to floor). Draw the pattern the same way as the front leg.

5. Add sewing allowances to both back and front pattern (see the small picture)

6 cm to waistline, 3 cm to leg opening, otherwise 1 cm.

6. Cut the paper patterns.

7. Place the pattern on the folded (double) fabric and cut. 

5preview pattern5preview pattern5preview pattern5preview pattern5preview pattern5preview pattern