Who wouldn't smile, running around on a sunny sandy beach in Malaga? Carolina practices detachment of things and gets inspired by Marie Kondo.

Emeli: it looks like you had a great day at the beach, how is the weather down south? Carolina: Lately we had a lot of summery days in Malaga, and I had my first bath the other day!

Emeli: You're a digital creator, blogger and a model. How did you end up there, and what are you creating on Instagram?

Carolina: i wanted to become a model since I was a kid and I started to work serious when I was seventeen. I started to create this world of beauty and fashion on social media, I really like to photograph moments that are real, moments, magic pictures with movement. My goal is to express something, with a professional touch of fashion editorial. Black and white portraits is something close to my heart, something that is really me. I capture moments and moods, my essence.

Emeli: I love your pictures, you smile a lot! And I miss summer so I really enjoyed these ones from the beach, make me dream away. How would you describe your style, when it comes to fashion?

Carolina: Definitely feminine and elegant.5preview Carolina5preview CarolinaCarolina is wearing the allover printed 5PREVIEW "BISCA" swimsuit. 

Emeli: And as summer already came to your corner of the world, do you have any ideas of your summer 2020 look?

Carolina: Dresses, jumpsuits and swimwear. Always. I mostly hang out on the beach.

Emeli: If someone with an interest in fashion, art, good food and nice bars comes to Malaga, where would you suggest them to go?

Carolina: For fashion, for exemple Puerto Banús in Marbella that is close to here, have the most important fashion brands. Also “ La Cañada”, a shopping center in Marbella is great. For art I would suggest the Thyssen museum, Picasso museum, Taller Gravura, Alfajar Gallery, Apertura Gallery and Eldevenir Art Gallery. For food you can go anywhere in the old town of Malaga, everything is good and the area is cosy! Try “espetos de sardinas” in any chiringuito close to the beach, there is a lot of amazing fish and sea food.

Emeli: Once I got my bike stolen there, in the old town, while I was eating something good. I totally lost my focus haha. It's a really nice town indeed. But let's talk about sustainability, a topic impossible to avoid these days. How is the situation in Spain, what do people say about sustainability, especially in fashion?

Carolina: In Spain, a great change begins to emerge, a new aesthetic trend and sense, where there is a better level of fiber development, the elaboration of garments and a better trade.  This is becoming a revolution. More and more companies are emerging within the field of ethical or sustainable fashion.  In general, they are brands that manufacture in Spain or, at least, in Europe, that take care of the environment in their process and, above all, take care that the working conditions are as optimal as possible.

Emeli: And what are your personal approach to sustainable fashion?

Carolina: It is very important that people begin to become aware of these new ideas that are important for the environment.  I think that everyone should be aware of the damage that is generated in the environment with the massive manufacture of tissues and processes that are harmful.  I think it is wonderful that eco and sustainable thoughts and concepts have emerged and this culture is gradually being installed in society.

Emeli: Do you think it's important as an influencer to be a good role model when it comes to sustainability?

Carolina: It's important, of course, but difficult. I work with so many brands that aren’t eco. But I do have a rotation in my wardrobe and I'm selling instead of accumulating too much, in this way, I practice detachment from things and this is also a way of sustainable thinking.

Emeli: I totally agree! What kind of place is your wardrobe anyway?

Carolina: It's tidy!  Haha. I can't have messy clothes because I would be so overwhelmed.  Besides, when photographing looks every day, I have to know that I have photographed and not, I like to classify it by colors and by novelty or old.  It is a way to keep my life in order too, if not everything can be a mental chaos. Much of my organization, both at home and in my closet is that I have always lived in small spaces, for now, attics, shared rooms or studios of forty square meters, therefore, order at home is fundamental.  It also helped me a lot to read Marie Kondo's book: The magic of tidying up!

Emeli: I also read that book and now and then I try to make some order in mine as well. Right now it's a mess, but when spring comes I will see what really sparks and not! I also sell clothes to have rotation. There is always someone that will appreciate what might not fit you at the moment. Do you have someone that inspires you, more than Marie Kondo?

Carolina: Anyone who fights for their dreams, does not give up until they get them and overcome all the obstacles that life puts on them with a smile, and while walking towards their goal be noble and humble with all the people who are on the road, and even being on top, don't forget where it comes from, its roots, it inspires me.  Anyone who raises love, motivation and kindness in others inspires me!

5preview Carolina5preview Carolina5preview Carolina5preview Carolina5preview Carolina5preview Carolina5preview CarolinaCarolina is wearing the 5PREVIEW linen jumpsuit DENIS, from the SS20 collection. Check it out here. 

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