How pink became the new black (or not).

5preview book covers5preview book coversWhen did it happen? And how? That pink turned into something cool, something wearable, not only for kids, weirdos and unicorn lovers? When did I substitute my black favourite shirt with a pink one? I'm not sure, but its interesting how things change without us really noticing. We used pink for the first time in the spring / summer 2015 collection ”Chaos vs. Order” and everybody LOVED it! At the first place we put it in as something ironic, but then we realized that it's actually nice. And pink became something we used for almost every collection ever since. But to chose the right one is complicated, because there are a lot of them. Light, hot, deep, piggy, pale, baby, spanish, cameo, orchid, fairytale, cherry blossom, lavender, cotton candy, carnation, baker-miller, tickle-me, amaranth, charm, china, mimi, tango, congo, coral, pastel, New York, solid, silver, queen, mountbatten, chilean, pale dogwood, pantone, mexican, barbie, fandango, paradise, brink, french, bright, persian, rose, light deep, ultra, shocking, super, pompadour, steel, ruby, magenta, thulian, creamy, taffy, bubble gum, punch, flamingo... It's like poetry, but it doesn't make it easier! So how do I do? As usual, I get inspiration from my books! /Emeli

Some Pinks
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