The eternal city

It was one of the first days of this year, 2020, and I had just spent Christmas and NYE in the wonderful city of Rome, with family and friends. Every time I go there, or to Italy in general (I live up north in Stockholm Sweden) it surprises me how good it makes me feel: people talk all the time, from the first coffee at the bar in the morning until a chat walking home after dinner at night. It's like an ongoing dialogue with different people, all the time. Compared to Sweden, where people practiced social distance even long before the corona virus, for me it's uplifting and inspiring. Because you never know what will happen and where you will end up, and with who.

5preview daria bag

Anyhow, this was a sunny but yet chilly day in the beginning of January and i strolled around the city with my family (and a 5PREVIEW Daria bag, but well get to that later). We got panini made for us at an Alimentari (grocey store but in Italy more like a deli) close to piazza Navona, that we brought down to Isola Tiberina, the island in the middle of the river, where we later enjoyed them with a lukewarm Peroni beer. I texted my friends ”This must be the most beautiful city in the world!” because that was what I felt there, in the desaturated sunlight, the mighty river of Tevere that split right there where we sat, the beautiful old bridge in front of us, the monastery behind us. A friend from Milan answered the text that it might be so but he couldn't totally agree and I said that Milan is really nice too but come on, Rome is completely surreal!

5preview daria

I had my DARIA BAG with me and throughout the day I snapped pictures of it all around the city center. A little bit stupid maybe, but all the textures of walls, fountains, sculptures worked as great backdrops, well, it's a quite photogenic city. Today I'm working from home in Stockholm, the spring seems to be here somehow, the weather is similar as during my walk in Rome, and times are changing in a way no one could expect. Friends and family in Rome are not allowed to go out, we communicate in digital ways, telling ourselves that this will soon be over, soon we'll meet again. The corona virus hit Italy so hard and it's extremely sad to hear the news, to hear all the stories, of people who lost a neighbor, an old friend, relatives. But this too will pass, as Teresa d'Avila said, even if it's hard to imagine right now. Here I share some of the ”stupid” pictures from my walk, that make me miss the most beautiful city in the world so much.

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