Our aim is not to pro teer on someone else's political struggle, and turn it into fashion, big no!

The 5preview “PRET-A-PROTESTER”collection en- courages to take place,

as a woman and as a human being, in the back-wash of #Metoo.

Ready to protest / Dressed to protest.

It’s up to the individual to chose the struggles, we’re not taking any political statement.

But what we do is to provide comfortable, cool out ts to protest in,

where you can look amazing and move freely at the same time.

We encourage to take initiative for what you believe in,

paint some posters and make a demonstration and look at great when ichanging the world!

The most important is to believe in something.


Sockerbruket 7

414 51 Gothenburg, Seden

Tel: +46 (0) 31 13 57 51 


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