The sweatpants


The Sweatpants are cropped, with a raw cut. If you want to turn them into shorts, just cut them to the length you want. On the back pocket there is a little '5' print, with a hand drawn 5 with a ''recycle'' symbol from this ''Re-use, recycle, respect'' project. Made in Italy.

They're in 94% organic cotton and 6% elastane (for the comfort). The garment measures 70 cm in leg length.

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Organic styles
  1. 5preview The Sweatpants.
    The Sweatpants.
    As low as €59.00
  2. 5preview The Hoodie.
    The Hoodie.
    As low as €49.00
  3. 5preview The long T-shaped top.
    The long T-shaped top.
    As low as €39.00
  4. 5preview The Volume top.
    The Volume top.
    As low as €49.00
  5. 5preview The Top.
    The Top.
    As low as €39.00