Stylist Vera Witthaut listens to Slipknot's “5, the gray chapter” since many years when she drives her car. There is only that CD there, and she is NOT getting tired of it. She lives in the countryside just outside the german noble city of Düsseldorf, where she runs her own agency, BLKAGENCY. She would prefer to work as a forklift driver in a huge storage (of course, who wouldn't?) but for now she is fine with her styling job, at least the artistic part of it. 

When she starts a new project the focus is on two important key points: silhouettes and colors. It's not about dressing pretty girls, at all, but about concepts. In the picture for ENCORE MAGAZINE where the 5PREVIEW “SABINA” jacket shows up (see above), model Mariia stopped in Düsseldorf on her way from Milan to Berlin, to be a part of the project. Vera wanted to shoot in a decadent environment, like by a graffiti covered statue, but as there were none around she created a similar feeling with mixing and matching patterns, prints and colors. “I wanted to change the silhouette of the model and separate her from the surroundings” she says “ the tartan colored fabric had to act graffiti here”. In Vera's projects, the concept is often shaped by the characteristics of the models, what makes them different and unique. “There is nothing worse than uniformity in style” she continues “ It's sad to see, that most of the people are afraid to express or underline their personality with clothes just because they're afraid of getting judged by others. I, personally, admire and get inspired by uncompromising artists and people of different kinds.”

Vera describes her own personal wardrobe as a mix between mainstream, vintage, small labels and designer pieces. But the red thread is clean, simple and straight cuts, that allows her to feel comfortable in her everyday life. The favorite pieces are a little more eclectic and edgy:

  1. The number one favorite piece is a camel and blue tartan poncho from ACNE STUDIOS that she uses as an oversized scarf. It's also very useful during shootings, to cover up the models to keep them warm.

  2. The Axel Arigato for Caterpillar unconventional hybrid sneakers, perfect for cold weather.

  3. As a sock addict there must be some socks on the list! White tennis socks with green cannabis leaves, that she also used as gifts for her clients last year.

  4. A perfect fit black high collar shirt from the vegan streetwear brand BASTI BASTI Apparel. 

  5. A countryside thrift shop find, the vintage chocolate brown suede coat that shouts out: Brad Pitt! Love at first sight.

I always like to talk about sustainability, to explore how different people in different parts of the world sees it. It's a great way to get new personal input on how to live in a more sustainable way, and also as the creative director of a brand, how to develop our sustainable agenda in the right direction. “Sustainability is the future” Vera says “ As the fashion industry is the greatest source of litter, it should be normal to rethink our buying behavior. I’d wish that the area of influencer used their high reach to change the follower's minds about buying and buying and buying clothes as mass products to something maybe like: “sustainable clothes” bearing the motto “BUY BETTER”. Also the fashion brands and big chain stores needs to start to up- and re-cycle.” 

I end this mini interview by asking Vera about her upcoming adventures, and it's actually one starting the same night: a creative project, involving “awesome people” where she will explore new ways and visions in photo and video. It sounds great to me, and I personally get both inspired and curious by her attitude and way of seeing things.


Check out Vera's work HERE and the 5PREVIEW SABINA all overprinted jacket HERE.

PICTURES TAKEN FOR ENCORE MAGAZINE Photo : Asja Pfirrman Model : Mariia Radkovska @core artist management Styling : Vera Witthaut @blkagency H&M : Franziska Sonnabend Production : BLKAGENCY Assi H&M : Jennifer Hecht Assi Styling : Maike Lambert