Say hi to multitalented Mary Retsina (voiceover-artist, TV presenter, aspiring traveller and radioshow hostess at Hit889! 

She lives in Athens, Greece, and this Sunday morning when she woke up, she thought “Why stay in the city on a Sunday morning?”. Good question. So she took the car and her best friend and drove up to Parnitha mountain to enjoy the fantastic view. Parnitha is the highest mountain in Attica full of pine trees, herb species, and amazingly beautiful deers. There are hundreds of footpaths and it is the perfect place for trekking, hiking, mountain biking and chilling for a coffee and food at the mountain refuges.

Mary, do you like forest walks?

I love walks, period.

What are you reading at the moment?

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. He is one of my favorite comedians and this book is all about cutting-edge social science blended with his delightful humor.

...and music, what's in your headphones?

Right now i'm psyched with Cigarettes after Sex new album, ''Cry''. But the band I'm listening all the time since school, is the Beatles. I can not cope with every day life without their tunes. 

What's your relation to fashion?

For me fashion is personality therefore comfort. Clothes help in expressing our aesthetics, our style and our feelings. I want to feel my whole self inside an outfit even someone likes it or not. I am not an over-consumptive person, i love fashion but i like to buy items that really tell a stοry to me and not to feed my insecurities via shopping. 

I'm on the same track there, trying to stop consuming and start living in the clothes I already have. Do you have any thoughts on sustainability? In general and especially towards fashion!

The way the fashion industry works is rapidly changing at the moment, because we have changed the way we look at it. We are more conscious about the resources that have been used to make our clothes, the way they were made, the impact this production had on the environment and also the ethics towards the people that work in each company that makes clothes - for example if they're being paid properly and the conditions in which they work in. Also, we are way more conscious towards animal rights - and now more and more fashion brands are banning real fur or leather from their collections. So, we are making a much needed change in the way that we look at fashion and that forces the fashion industry to change as well, for the better. Sustainability in fashion is not another trend, is an absolute necessity - if we are going to keep this planet alive, that is.

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