As kids they were always dressed the same way, but in different colors. Now they decide themselves, and the identical influencer twins Nicole and Ylenia ("Letwins" on social media) now tries to find their own personal way of style. But still, the fact is that they are identical, and often they make something funny out of it. 5PREVIEW's Emeli Martensson wants to find out more!

E: Hi Nicole and Ylenia! I just have to ask, do you have one or two wardrobes? Because I've understood that you live together!

Letwins: You heard right. We recently moved to Milan where we share a wonderful loft in the city center. And finally we have a big walk in closet, that we share. There is alot of nice clothes, but still we have the feeling that we never have anything to wear!

E: I recognize that! Which are the staples in your wardrobe, five of them for example!

Letwins: Very classic garments that we could not live without. Multiply everything with two.

1. A classic men's blazer.

2. A tweed coat.

3. A white shirt.

4. A leatherjacket, like a bikersjacket. In Italian we call it “chiodo”.

5. A pair of Dr Martens.

E: Wow it sounds a lot  like mine! Even if I never manage to wear the white shirts, I just like the idea of them. I also lived in Milano many years ago, it was great as a 20 something. What do you think of Milano?

Letwins: We LOVE Milano! It's a very creative city where a lot is going on at the moment, it's perfect if you want to grow and develop in this business.

E: So what's the business? You identfiy as “influencers”?

Letwins: Yes that's our occupation. And it has been a dream for a long time that is now coming true. We grow with our job. For us being influencers it's like being a good friend to yur followers, we try to be positive and spread a positive message on social media. One of our role models is the entreprenuer Chiara Ferragni and just like her we have a lot of other ideas than just show what we are and what we do. But we can't tell you beacuse we don't want to jinx it!

E: How exciting! I suspect it has something to do with fashion...In Sweden at the moment sustainability is very important and both as a professional and a private person you carry a sustainable agenda. How is it for you, and in Italy?

Letwins: We're treating out planet so bad, and that's rather stupid, because what would we be without it, where should we live? We use a lot of vintage clothing for example instead of just buying new things. It's also more personal, like you're wearing a pice of history. And by wearing it you give the clothes a new life.

E: And all the “fast fashion”, all the clothes that are produced that nobody actually wants or need. What do you think we should do with them?

Letwins: If nobody want them it's difficult! The fabrics could be recycled and it could be turned into new trendy garments. Or it could be given away for charity...

E: How about next summer coming up, 2020, what's your plans and what do you think you will wear?

Letwins: Can't wait until summer comes! We will go to the sea, definitely, we love when it's warm and you can take a swim. Rule number one for holidays is having fun and to daydream...So for daytime we'll bring comfortable clothes for the beach. A lot of prints and a lot of colors! Clothes with a lot of volume. But in the evening we usually dress more elegant, yet perky.

E: Whats your next adventure?

Letwins: We're already living the adventure of our lives! We just moved from the little town of Mantova to the city center of Milano so we stirred up about everything. And we love every second of it!

Letwins are wearing a 5PREVIEW ANDREI striped shirt and NIKITA dress