Make a change

Make a change

This is the second time we donate samples to The Women’s Center in Akalla. We found The Women’s Center, held by The Salvation Army, last year when we started to search for an organization with a focus on women in need that could need a donation. This organization works to break segregation among foreign-born women and support them in learning Swedish and becoming part of Swedish society. 

Jenny Alm is the woman in charge at The Women’s Center in Akalla and we wanted to get to know her more so read below and get to know her story. 

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How long have you been a part of The Women's Center in Akalla?

I started working as Head of Operations at the Salvation Army Women's Center in November 2015.

How did you start at The Women's Center in Akalla?

Got the question from the Salvation Army if I wanted to start working at the center. I decided I wanted it after carefully thinking about it.

What do you work with?

Asylum-seeking women come to The Women's Center to study Swedish and social studies. We have a counselor who talks to the women and helps them in different ways in life. When the women we meet have the financial difficulty, we support them with food, clothing and hygiene items. My tasks are to make sure that there are employees and volunteers and that we do what we should for the women who are our mission from the Salvation Army. We also have a chapel that can meet the women in their spiritual development.

The clothes that we donate after our sample sales, how are you using them?

The clothes we get from you we distribute to the women we have contact with, about 200. Many are delighted to get something new because they often get second hand clothes from us. So thank you!

What kind of activities do you do at the center? 

At the center, women also get to register for bicycle courses, as it is common for women not to learn to ride a bike in life. They can register for a swimming school as we encourage the women to know it, especially if they have children and should go to the pool or the lake and bathe. We go to Idre 4 times a year and have an integration collaboration with Idre / Särna assembly. The women experience a wonderful nature and a new community.

We also support the women with lawyers to get help with their asylum actions.

Moving is important so we create many such opportunities. Dancing is fun!

We have an employee who has their health checked, check blood pressure and talk with them about how they feel. We send them to the doctor if needed.

We laugh and have fun parties together! To become strong in different ways as a woman we work for!

Always remember to take care of each other and if you have clothes that you don’t use - give it to charity or donate it to an organization. 

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