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“Future, former, fugitive” at Palais de Tokyo in Paris is a massive exhibition dedicated to artists from the “french scene”. When I visited it a couple of weeks ago I was hit most by the room with perfumes by artist Fabienne Audéoud. She is a french artist born in 1968, and she lives and works in Paris. 

At a first glance I thought it was made up perfumes, where she graphically played with the logotypes (yes I'm still into that thing). It's really eye-catching and you see names like “Monsieur” “New King” a lot of euro and dollar signs, “Predator” “My manager” and “Prestige”. It's genius, I think, and then I realize that the artist didn't make the bottles and logotypes, she collected them from markets in the working class neighborhoods of Paris. The title of the series is “Parfumes de Pauvres” (= perfumes of the poor).

In a showcase like the ones found in department stores, this collection of perfumes misappropriates marketing and the lexical field of official brands. The overall message is quite clear: to make people dream of success and a life far from the one the have. And maybe the perfume could be a bridge to that life.

“We used to shock the bourgeois, today we shock the trendy. I often evoke hell to talk about the way of judging what is right or wrong that can be found in Christian morality and which the art world thought it had transcended, but which constantly comes back. It's also fear of not being as you should be”

Fabienne Audéoud

The exhibition is there until the 5thof January 2020.

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