Ebba Zingmark.

Ebba Zingmark is wearing the KERALIA Dress in the MATISSE print. Follow her on instagram here. And the dachshund Cava here.


SS19 prints
  1. 5preview SIMONA Jumpsuit
    SIMONA Jumpsuit
    As low as €189.00
  2. 5preview MARGO Top
    MARGO Top
    As low as €139.00
  3. 5preview JIMIN Shirt
    JIMIN Shirt
    As low as €159.00
  4. 5preview REINA Dress
    REINA Dress
    As low as €299.00
  5. 5preview IDA Shirt
    IDA Shirt
    As low as €199.00
  6. 5preview DASCHA Chiffon trousers
    DASCHA Chiffon trousers
    As low as €149.00