5preview DIY rack

5PREVIEW didn’t start as any normal brand, but came out of a coincidence. I’ve always worked extra, using my D-I-Y skills, writing articles to magazines on how to do things yourself. It has been everything from how to make a sleeping loft to how to make a skirt out of your fathers’ old shirt. This time, in 2008, I wrote for an Italian teenage magazine, once a month, a page called “Il diario di Emeli”. In this diary I shared my thoughts on ongoing and upcoming trends through text, polaroids and illustrations- like a scrapbook. I did several D-I-Y tutorials on how to recreate expensive designer items at home, with just few means. And then the printed T-shirt trend came back. And I showed how to easily make a black CHANEL-ish stencil print on a white second hand T-shirt. And then I posted that T-shirt on Myspace, and everything kind of exploded; 5PREVIEW was born.

I printed so many T-shirts in my apartment on Via Cavour N°221 in Rome that year. I think a thousand. In the beginning 5PREVIEW could be considered as more of a concept than a brand, but after a few years it turned into a proper women’s collection.

With the SS20 collection I wanted to take things a bit further, to a new level. I sat down without patterns and I made, according to me and my personal taste, the perfect capsule collection. The take-off and the original idea was a D-I-Y concept.

Everything you need for a hot summer: a long kaftan, a shorter tunic, airy tops, a pair of wide easy trousers, a kimono blazer, a long robe. And I am NOT a specialist in any way, I have other people doing the 5PREVIEW clothes. See this as an experiment.

Just-do-it-yourself is a slogan to psych up all creative souls out there, just do it. Use any fabric you can find, if it’s not the right colour, dye it! Make a patchwork fabric out of old clothes. It does not need to be perfect. I think the important part is the joy and the satisfaction.I started out with eight garments.

When we then developed the 5PREVIEW SS20 collection the garments were modified, of course, but the original idea will be presented here on the blog during spring.Just do it, start to sew! The important thing is to have a good sewing machine, a good pair of fabric scissors, a working iron and a nice empty workspace. Take it easy and reflect while you create – everything is possible.