Cut outs

Do something radical!

In the 1950’s, the cut-outs of Matisse were considered very radical. Just like the punk flyers, and of course the whole punk movement, were extreme with their disturbing expression in the end of the 70’s.

I took a pair of scissors and started to cut out logotypes and words. Cut them apart, spread all the letters on the work desk and then put them together to something new. Little messages. Like a ransom note. New logotypes for brands that do not exist. Like the punk flyers I’ve always loved and collected. With limited, or no, resources create something new. It was liberating, sometimes really silly but fun. It felt like coming back to the roots of 5PREVIEW. All in, edgy, bold and eye-catching.

I’m more inspired by graphic work, lettering, art and colour than clothing itself. The clothes in this 5preview collection become like empty canvases to fill with expression. The more simple the shape is, the better it is.

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