Black Friday. Black Week. Black Future.

Every year I get so surprised that brands/shops/companies still promote BLACK FRIDAY. How dare they, really?

In 2019, I think that consumption should be reduced to the least necessary, and everything beyond that would be considered not just one but two or three times. The other day I was sitting on the subway, staring at an billboard. It advertised some kind of company called "" or something similar and judging by the images used it's a place where you shop for the sake of shopping: there was a waterkettle, some gym equipment, and a free surprise box every month when shopping. With random stuff you didn't even know what it was and you would get it! Nightmare!

I think of all the time I've spent cleaning out all my stuff, to remove, cleaning the bathroom cabinets and wardrobes. Not at a Marie Kondo level, but at a healthy "I live my life without leaving too many negative imprints" level.

5preview's next collection SS20 is called “JUST-DO-IT-YOURSELF” and when it is launched in February this blog will be flooded with interviews, reports and thoughts on consumption and sustainability, so stay tuned if you are interested.

In the meantime, I can only mention something about black Friday and my attitude to it. I run an online shop, of course I want to sell clothes. But there is a difference between selling and trigging people to buy things they don't really need. Something that makes me so happy is if a 5PREVIEW customer comes up to me and tells me about that favorite hoodie from our SS15 collection, which she still uses and loves. Or that bag from AW17, or even a T-shirt from 2009. Buy only what you like and really think you will use! Then you're super welcome to our onlineshop on Friday and all other days! But a compulsive shopping, that fills your wardrobe with unused garments I can not really support. It's offensive to who made the fabrics, sewed the garments, sent them across half the earth, and actually to the earth itself who could use it's resources better. So consume consciously, think about how you spend your money, think about what imprint you want to make, what tracks you want to leave on this earth. What consumption behavior you want to pass on to your children. You choose where you want to put your vote, the money in your hand controls the behavior of the big chainstores, if you continue to consume as if there was no tomorrow, they will continue to produce in the same way.

And also...think about the shipping! If you buy three different sizes to get all three sweaters home and try them in front of your mirror, to then send two of them back it's not really a sustainable behavior. The shipping back and forth and back and forth is really bad, so ask questions about sizes, in all onlineshops there is customer support. Measure your body, and the items you already have that suits you well, it's really not rocket science and it's really not just about you looking good on the streets.