This eye-catching picture caught my attention, and I had a little chat with the stylist, Kate, that brightens up my day!

E: Tell me a little bit more about the picture, Kate!

K: The idea just came accidentally, like all the good ones! We were shooting the 5PREVIEW trousers in the studio and there were the pineapples and we just played around. It could be seen as a gender interpretation with one pink and one blue!

E: You live in Russia, right?

K: Yes, I live and work in St Petersburg.

E: How is it there? I've only visited Moscow (that I found impressive, massive and totally beautiful), how would you describe the differences from the cities?

K: Hmmm...I would compare Moscow with a woman: ever-changing, noisy and stormy. While St Petersburg is more like a calm caring and sensitive man. Also inspiring!

E:When you're not styling for editorials, you work as a personal shopper, who are your clients?

K: They're all stylish and beautiful persons and they inspire me a lot, their gratitude and what we create together. We start with diving into their wardrobes, analyze it, discuss it. Before we hit the stores we check the size of the client and what would fit their body and personality type. Then we might visit ten shops, trying things out, and to tell the truth – it's not always easy! But I do love it!

E: What's your goal with your clients?

K: I want originality, to get my clients to find the best version of themselves. We need to think ahead of the ongoing trends.

E: Is sustainability a trend in Russia, as well as it's here in Scandinavia?

K: I think it's global, but in Russia we don't talk about it so loud. We need to move forward, because we still care more about being “fashionable”.

E: Talking about the future, where do you see yourself in five years?

K: Ooo I would love to travel! To go to the United States and to China. And I really want to continue to work in the fashion industry as a stylist. A famous stylist!

E: Russia has really been on the “fashion-map” the last years...

K: ...yes, and we're really proud! Especially of the ones that remained here like Ulyana Sergeenko, Vika Gazinskaya and Alexander Terekhov...

E: Interesting, I had to google everyone except Vika Gazinskaya that I follow since a long time. I love her dresses! How about music? Do you have any suggestions on Russian music, for us that does not know too much about it!

K: You have to listen to Luna! She makes amazing pop music that she writes and produces herself. Then we have Big Baby Tape from Moscow that is really young, only twenty years old. He is a member of the musical collective Benzo Gang and he also makes everything himself. Listen to Gimme the Loot. 

E: That's heavy! I find it interesting to hear music in languages I don't understand, but you somehow get an idea what it is about by the sound...or I might have prejudice haha, well I will listen to Luna later...What or who do you get inspired by in life?

K: People with a purpose, creative personalities, that knows what they want and where they're going. 

E: Next summer, that will hopefully come, where will you go and what will you wear?

K: I live my whole life in the city and it tires me so I will definitely go to the beach! I have some different outfits in mind and I will be quite specific, I'm a stylist as a profession you know haha.

E: Go ahead!

K: For casual occasions I will wear knee length shorts and a bright colored jacket. I will focus on the color fuchsia so I will try to get it in as a pop color: a top and the amazing Balenciaga sneakers. Mesh socks. I will add on a big cuban chain around my neck and continue to use the Balenciaga bag from their latest winter collection, the fuchsia one. 

E: You call that casual? It sounds great but I guess my casual in my mind is a lot more minimal.

K: tell the truth I like different styles. Sometimes minimalism is necessary in style. It depends on mood and occasion. Well I continue with another casual style! 5PREVIEW culottes (the ones in the picture), massive ASH sneakers, bight acid colored sunglasses and a white 5PREVIEW waist bag. For accessories I'll use a big silver chain. 

E: And for more romantic occasions?

K: Hmmm....Black silk trousers worn with a lacquered top with metallic cups. Tom Ford bag and Yves Saint Laurent shoes. And silver earrings from Céline! I LOVE to pay attention to details and also brands! 

E: I'm not so into jewelry, but we used Céline earrings for our SS19 campaign, and they looked so good. I even considered to pierce my ears to be able to use them afterwards...Well, your style sounds really cool, I would like to see your clients after a day with you! Do you have any suggestions on shops or areas where to hang out in St Petersburg?

K: I would recommend DLT. This is the central department store in St. Petersburg, where the most famous luxury brands are represented.There are also street individual shops like Golden line and Very. It is located on Petrogradsky Prospekt. Also I want to recommend the Sintezia shop for shoes. 

When I think of  St Petersburg I still imagine Raskolnikov running the streets in fever hallucinations...But it's really not far from here and it would be great to visit some day. Last question. Books! What are you reading at the moment?

I prefer professional literature and psychology books. At the moment, I'm reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Toru Kiyosaki.

Credits pineapple picture:

Photo: Polina  Kolesnichenko @polinavikt

Model & Styling: Ekaterina Timoshenko @kattty_koko 

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