5preview SS20

5preview ss20


For the SS20 5PREVIEW collection I wanted to analyze the term “sustainability”. Everybody talks about it but what does it really mean? If you consume one organic cotton T-shirt a day, that only hangs in your wardrobe, is that a sustainable approach to the world? I mean, the cotton is organic! I interviewed people about clothing care, consumption behavior and sustainability – to get inspired and to get new ideas for my own approach. And the result was that I don't want to take more of Mother Earth's resources, I want to use what is already here.

As a suggestion I made D-I-Y instructions for some of the garments in the SS20 collection. So that the customer of 5PREVIEW doesn't have to buy the new collection, they can make it themselves, from fabric that they already have. This became a little book called (as the collection) “JUST-DO-IT-YOURSELF” The collection itself is colorful, playful and full of energy. The book can be ordered from our webshop or you can just hang on here throughout the spring and the whole material will be published on the blog. 

Emeli Martensson

CEO / Creative Director of 5PREVIEW

5preview pantone ss20