5PREVIEW introducing: Classics reissued

The t-shirt edition is now online! 

In 2008, the first year of 5PREVIEW a thousand T-shirts were handprinted on designer Emeli Mårtensson's living room floor in Via Cavour n°221 in Rome. They were all white, Made in Italy, and all the prints came out differently, unique.

The prints were cut out stencils and printed with a kitchen sponge. The labels were also handprinted, and sewn in by hand. All T-shirts were unisex and everything was black and white. 

We found some boxes of T-shirts in our studio. They are not handprinted, at least not by Emeli Mårtensson, but there are classic 5PREVIEW prints on unisex ELLIOT T-shirts. There are also 2 tote bags available. The off-white one with the big MICHELE print is from 2010 and have that typical 5PREVIEW touch: minimal and essential. The dark gray one, the COBY tote bag could be considered a 5PREVIEW classic from early years. It's huge and contains literally everything you might need to carry around. 

Create your own little 5PREVIEW T-shirt collection, get 5 T-shirts for 200, shipping included!

All goods from this project is shipped directly from our studio in Stockholm. If you order things from the regular collection as well, it will be shipped separately from our warehouse. 

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